Let's talk again about suspensions

Let's talk again about suspensions

Let's talk again about suspensions, specifically setting up and tuning them for world-class racing, with benefits for recreational riders as well.

Recently, we concluded our first training camp in South Africa, chosen for its challenging rocky terrain, well-maintained trails, and high temperatures ideal for testing materials and equipment.

Each season, we aim to be well-prepared, dedicating time to suspension and tuning during training camps. Every rider receives individual attention based on their characteristics, often involving a ride together (mechanic and rider) for a clearer understandings and telemetry instruments are then installed for measurements.

After one or more runs, we transfer the data to a computer for detailed analysis, which can take hours. The next steps in tuning are decided based on this analysis, often involving adjustments to oil flow, damping, and more..., sometimes even drastic component changes.

Following this, the rider is ready for test number two, exploring new performance aspects.
After the ride, we discuss the final feel and take additional actions if necessary.

! Notably; "peak values" of compression and rebound have never been within normal limits, requiring modifications each time, even for our amateur clients.

I'd like to emphasize that relying on feeling or hearsay for suspension setup might not align with the actual measurements. Closing rebound by feel, for instance, might not make sense if riding on tracks without big jumps. Table settings on forks often mean little unless riding purely recreationally.
Another our suggestion is using the middle position as high-speed compression, especially for significant jumps if suspensions are not tuned especially for them, preventing bottoming out.
Logic dictates adjusting suspension based on predominant features rather than preparing for occasional large jumps.

Regardless of your riding style or your future service location, feel free to reach out us with questions. Remember, you and your riding style are unique, deserving a tailored approach!

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