Shampoos and other cycling cosmetics; Yes or No?

Shampoos and other cycling cosmetics; Yes or No?

Shampoos and other cycling cosmetics; Yes or No?
Our answer is NO!
Briefly, we'll explain why our response is negative when it comes to degreasing and washing bike products. The reason is simple: to remove mud or dust from the bike and equipment, you don't need shampoo or degreaser. Shampoos and degreasers are necessary only if the drivetrain is greasy and dirty with stubborn oil residues.

Let's go through it briefly:

Stubborn dirt on the drivetrain (cassette, chain, chainrings, pulley) occurs when using inadequate chain lubricants. Using shampoos and degreasers in this case can lead to faster wear and potential damage to the chain and drivetrain components.
The use of shampoos and degreasers can enter bearings, flushing and breaking down lubricants within them, leading to premature component wear and the need for early replacements and servicing.
Champions provide shine, but at what cost? The use of shampoos accelerates the oxidation of aluminum components, corrosion of screws, and paint deterioration.
After washing the bike, during preparation for the next training or race, you can simply use silicone spray, a spray based on plain silicone without additives. Non-branded silicone spray from auto shops works well, providing protection to components without the drawbacks mentioned above. It is effective and safe to use on various bike parts, excluding the brake discs. On the internet, there are various debates about silicone and suspension - our answer is YES! Silicone spray is equally effective as suspension oil, whether it's mineral or synthetic. People and mechanics talk about various theories that are neither true nor proven, and unfortunately sadly, many follow them out. 

Apply silicone spray to all components (excluding discs), and its advantage is that even if it accidentally reaches the discs, it can be easily cleaned after a few brake applications or rinsing with water. Silicone is friendly to all components, can be applied to suspension stanchions, and leaves your bike protected, shiny, and easier to clean for the next wash.

Take care of your bike and equipment with simple tricks to extend the lifespan of components!


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