What we do

We fix your bike! Our passion are "it can't be done" suspension reparation and advanced tuning. We love optimizing XC and road bikes but we don't shy away from other work either. We also make our own chain lube, check it out!

Who we are

We are a small bike service shop in Croatia specializing in advanced bike repairs and tuning. We are also avid mountain bikers who are now slowly turning from obsessing with competing to obsessing with making bikes go fast :)

Why we do it

We lived and breathed mountain biking since elementary school. Over time we realized that proper maintenence and optimization of bike components will lead to significantly increased performance and longevity. We are now applying our learnings to other people's bikes to get them to go faster - uphill and downhill.

check out our chain lube ↓↓↓

"MSM Lube is by far the most durable and performant lube we've tried yet."

- Undisclosed XCO World Cup rider

  • Suspensions

    Fork and shock rebuilds and repairs is what we love doing most. Leftyes, Suns, Brains, Foxes or Rocks, we do them all.

    More suspensions 
  • Full Rebuilds

    We tear it all down then build it back up. Dirt goes out, special greases go in, and you can go wild. Recommended at least once a year.

    See our rebuilds 
  • Bearing tuning

    Stock bearings aren't optimized and pressing them in makes it worse. We use precise machinery for micron-level optimization.

    More on bearings 
  • Precision setup

    There's no speed without precision. We make sure your setup is aligned in all planes so you can be as fast as one.

    Check details 
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