ABSA Cape Epic and MSM products

ABSA Cape Epic and MSM products

Another edition of the most prestigious stage MTB race in the world, Cape Epic, has ended! We headed to South Africa as mechanic support for 3 teams, leveraging our experience in stage races and bike maintenance. Throughout the regular maintenance of 6 bikes, we exclusively used our domestic products: MSM chain lube and MSM suspension lube.

MSM lubricants proved highly effective, elevating race performance and maintenance ease. The chain lube is designed not to leave grease marks on the transmission and chain, providing exceptional lubrication with minimal friction coefficient and easy post-ride cleaning. This is crucial as time is limited during such races, and sparing it on cleaning the transmission is paramount.

After each stage, we never used shampoos or degreasers during bike washing because our products made it unnecessary, significantly contributing to component durability and easier maintenance between stages. MSM chain lube performed exceptionally well in African conditions, enduring temperatures above 40°C, dusty and rocky trails, and river crossings. It's "normal" for teams to stop in technical and feed zones to re-lubricate the chain due to quick drying and additional stress, but with MSM chain lube, this wasn't necessary, allowing stages to be completed without mandatory lubrication in between.

As for MSM suspension lube, it also excelled. We applied it after each stage to extract all dirt from the suspension seals and before each stage to ensure highly sensitive suspension, crucial on such races and terrains. (Suspension servicing was regularly done, regardless of using MSM suspension lube, twice during the 8 stages).

Replace harmful and corrosive shampoos and degreasers and experience a new level of bike maintenance and top-notch riding on all terrains, extending the lifespan of your components!

Shampoos and degreasers are not your bike's friends!

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